Maahru Clementine Affair - Women's Unstitched 3PC Summer Printed Lawn with Dupatta

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Clementine Affair is a three-piece Lawn Suit that brings an ambiance of bright midsummer days combined with Oriental motifs.

Clementine Affair boasts an intricate digital print on Maahru’s premium quality Lawn that creates a unique and elegant look for everyday wear that is perfect for women of all ages.

The brown and black are going to contrast easily with any jewel-colored accessories and can be paired with either light or bold makeup.

Wear it to dinner parties, iftar gatherings, or simply on your way to pick your kid from school and you will shine no matter what! 

Our goal is to create easily accessible fashion for any place, any time, and anyone.

Maahru is timeless. It is rooted in traditional expertise yet contemporary and modern.

Our design philosophy celebrates Pakistan's diversity, rich culture, and legacy in every piece that it brings to life.

It is the businessperson attending meetings, it is the graduate walking into a job interview, it is the caregiver taking the family out to lunch, it is the host of a dinner party.

Maahru is your everyday, everywhere fashion with a focus on sustainability and easy online access.

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